1976 Clad Bicentennial Quarter Regular Strike

For the sake of this list, we are going to concentrate on American Bicentennial coins that were struck in the year 1976.

According to what was stated earlier, the front of each coin included two dates: 1776 and 1976.

They are referring to the United States of America's act of defeating British colonialism and establishing ourselves as a democracy that governs itself.

When it came to this political overthrow, the Founding Fathers were prominent figures. Only seven are particularly well-known.

This was also a military victory because the American Revolutionary War helped us gain our independence.

Actually, a large number of the Founding Fathers were not just outstanding scholars but also generals.

One of these inspirational leaders, George Washington, went on to become the country's first president. After him, three more people became president.

George Washington, one of these visionary leaders, ended up becoming the 1st President of the United States of America.