On May 22, 3 Zodiac Signs End Bad Friendships

Interesting how we don't realize a toxic friendship until it's too late? Friendships are tough because, like all relationships, we go with what we see.

It's true that 'You don't get a second chance to make a first impression,' but what happens afterward? What makes that second impression repel us?

As we age, we realize that friendships come and go. We appreciate lifelong friendships, but on May 22, 2024

Change is very much on the agenda for May 22, as Sun trine Pluto leads the way and shows you that there's someone in your life who is less than honest with you

1. Libra

On Wednesday, you'll see that this person has officially pushed the envelope. They've gone beyond what a friend can do and say, and you're starting to feel attacked by them

2. Aquarius

Sun trine Pluto is the transit that changes everything for you as it shines a light down on a relationship that has you finally understanding that all you've been in it is used.

3. Pisces