Afghan Hound Facts

Afghan Hounds have a long history; individuals from Afghanistan, North India, and Pakistan created the pedigree record thousands of years ago.

While rescue shelters are a good place to find them, breeders will also sell them so they can benefit from their long, silky hair.

These powerful, independent dogs, who were originally developed as hunting dogs, need a lot of activity to stay healthy and psychologically stimulated.

They frequently stand up all the time to flaunt their hair. To assist them stay cool in warmer climates, some owners, however, choose to keep their pets short haired or shaved

This list offers an objective examination of the benefits and drawbacks of adopting an Afghan hound, particularly in light of the breed's exorbitant cost.


While choosing whether or not this breed of animal is the ideal fit for the home, all of these criteria should be taken into account.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the breed:

Since ancient times, the Afghan hound has been a part of Eastern culture. It was not until the late 1800s, when officers from the British Empire brought the breed to Europe, that it was recognized on a Western level