Balinese Playful and energetic breed!

Known for its enigmatic eyes, majestic, elegant motions, and slender, flowing lines of Balinese dancers, its coat is usually thought to have been a spontaneous mutation of the Siamese,

however some argue the Siamese was outcrossed with the Angora. Similar to Siamese, Balinese have two physique types: traditional (old style) and modern (American).

The Javanese is now regarded as a modern colorpoint Balinese, having originally been a Balinese crossed with a Colorpoint Shorthair to produce additional colorpoints.

When Siamese cats were first brought to America in the late 19th century, some litters had long-haired cats

One of the most intelligent breeds available, the affectionate, conversational, lively, high-energy, and tolerant cat is also a great companion and family pet.


some litters had long-haired cats, which breeders didn't like because the breed's requirements at the time called for Siamese cats to have short hair.

Breeders soon found that these cats were pure in their own right and could be classified as a distinct breed if they bred long-haired males and females together

The Cat Fanciers Federation only has a record of one long-haired Siamese registered in 1928.