Bicentennial Quarter: Buying And Selling Guide

The coin's quality and rarity should be taken into account while purchasing or selling Bicentennial quarters.

Perfectly conditioned and unusual coins will sell for more money than more common or poorly conditioned ones.

Because coins manufactured at various sites may have varying values, it is also vital to take the mint mark into consideration.

San Francisco-minted quarters from 1976 will be the most valuable in this instance, followed by Denver and Philadelphia.

eBay allows you to search for certain coin types and obtain an estimate of the prices at which they are sold.

Remember that successful selling will help you establish your reputation, so if you have previously sold something on eBay and gotten five stars, you are already seen as a trustworthy seller.

Mavin: this is a useful tool for viewing finished listings and determining the appropriate price for the coin you wish to purchase or sell.

Etsy is a great place to locate deals, and bicentennial quarters are frequently available. Just be careful to choose listings with real coins and stay away from imitations.

Numista: a wealth of knowledge about coins from around the globe may be found on this website