Each Zodiac Sign One-Card Tarot Horoscope On May 22

Today is a day meant for creative pursuits. Doodle when you feel bored. Imagine what your life could be


You are the one who creates your good fortune. If you're meant to climb the ladder of success, it's because you decide to take each rung one step at a time.


Forgiveness does not mean you accept the problem; it implies you've outgrown the emotional prison it put you in. You hold the key to your happiness, Gemini.


Remember, doing the same thing repeatedly is a form of insanity. Stop the madness and try a different avenue.


Your heart has felt every sad emotion it could experience, and now it's ready to explore the opposite of sadness: wisdom with joy.


Be patient with yourself. All great things happen one moment at a time. Savor the journey and learn what you need to learn by taking baby steps


What will help you to organize your strategy for success is a well-planned schedule.


Allow your body and mind to get acquainted with what a peaceful life feels like


Enjoy recalling how you felt and putting into words or some other form of expression how much you've grown emotionally as a result.


Explore the different facets of your personality and let these new experiences ignite your passion for life. Watch how your creative side sparks again.


A boss may try to exploit your skills by not paying you for going above and beyond your job. Don't be afraid to negotiate your salary or ask for a raise


Today, your financial belt may need to tighten one more notch for you to save up for an expense, bill or a situation that requires you to spend more than you had anticipated.