Find the fish, egg, and glove in this family portrait optical illusion.

Tired of it? Sometimes the days extend longer than usual, and even Internet scrolling doesn't help.

You may rejuvenate your brain with simple but intriguing optical illusions on days like this!Some illusions can assess IQ and reveal hidden personality traits.

The uninitiated are confused by optical illusions, which twist visual perception. They confuse and change shape depending on a person's self-perception and worldview.

No one knows why optical illusions affect the brain, but researchers have tried for years. Thus, these illusions remain a mystery.

Use today's optical illusion to discover yourself. This optical illusion is more than a riddle in the image. This illusion lets you explore your personality. Brainy or creative? Check the optical illusion.

Simple instructions guide you through this optical deception. Simply look at the image and focus on the two faces. Two faces with crooked smiles: one on the left and one on the right.

Someone who thought the left face was cheerful is more reasonable than most. Your heart is in your head. You are methodical and sensible; your brain dominates your heart.

You are more relaxed if you think the right face is happier. Perceptive, intuitive, and contemplative. You probably have a vivid imagination and appreciate creative expression.