Only high-IQ folks can discover unusual letter in 13 seconds this challenging brain challenge.

What better way to start the week than with exercise?Was it found? Why not try again? People say you can call yourself if you find the odd cat in a difficult problem in seven seconds.

Try to identify the right written word here? Try to spot the panda in this puzzle of humans in seven seconds. Another puzzle requires you to find five items in a picture of three humans and a dog.

Find them in 15 seconds and you're a 'genius'. You might also use this optical illusion to reveal your worst features.For your brain?

A brain teaser may help. They challenge your cognitive capabilities, problem-solving talents, and focus. They are also a proven strategy to increase your mood and brainpower.

A challenging brain teaser from JagranJosh requires you to find a secret letter among the X's and K's. Is that simple?

The website says only high-IQ persons can find the concealed letter in 13 seconds.

JagranJosh has recently shared a tricky brain teaser that challenges you to try to identify a hidden letter among the X's and K's. 

Does that sound easy? Well, there's a time limit, and according to the website, only people with high IQ can spot the hidden letter within 13 seconds.