Optical illusion personality test: Find out if you have competitive or rational traits

Cognitive qualities and visual perception interact more when we take psychological illusion personality assessments.

They can be found on social media and websites, where curious visitors want to know more about the individuals behind the profiles

But ultimately, everything relies on what you perceive first and how honest you are with yourself.

In reference to the aforementioned image, two concepts are embedded within a single optical illusion.

You will be able to glimpse the face of a man or witness a wizard using his wand to attack a man who is groveling and begging for his life.

What you observe initially tells a great deal about your personality based on these two factors.

You have a great sense of empathy and compassion for other people if you can see the man's face right away. Your artistic skill comes naturally to you, and you'll have a way of putting people at ease

In a relationship, this warmth and concern you have for each other always works out well for you.You are a very structured person