Personality test: This is what the shape of your eyebrows reveals about your personality

Thick eyebrows indicate confidence and free-spiritedness. Natural beauty and living fully are your values.

Thin eyebrows may indicate indecision and insecurity. You may need approval and have trouble making judgments.

Ambition, leadership, and drama are associated with arched eyebrows. You like the spotlight and are intriguing

People with straight eyebrows are reasonable. You thrive at separating your personal and professional lives and choose facts over feelings.

Joined eyebrows show you value individuality and inventiveness. Daydreaming and imagination are your strengths.

A significant eyebrow gap may indicate love and care. Though honest, you're readily persuaded by others.

In the moment, you may act rashly or miss details. However, you listen well and people trust you.

 you may act impulsively or miss out on details in the heat of the moment. However, you're a good listener and people often confide in you.