Sukju Namul (Seasoned Mung Bean Sprouts)

This is another simple side dish from Korea. This time, mung bean sprouts (sukju namul) are used to make it.

Although these sprouts are more commonly known in America as just bean sprouts—the same sprouts I used for nokdujeon and kimchi mandu—I used their full name here to differentiate them from soybean sprouts (kongnamul).

This dish's flavours and cooking technique are remarkably identical to that of its soybean equivalent.

The main distinction is that mung bean sprouts require shorter cooking time because they don't contain the actual bean pieces.

They also have a significantly higher water content. Before seasoning, squeeze the cooked sprouts to eliminate extra water; this will make the sprouts much crunchier.


You can also add a small amount of gochugaru, or red chilli pepper flakes, to this recipe to make it spicy.

In either case, it will enhance your food in a delightful way! Fantastic in bibimbap, too!