Sundubu Ramyun

How would you improve instant ramyun (also known as ramen, 흼면)? Even though I'm not a huge lover of instant noodles,

every now and then I have the urge—especially after seeing someone eat them—in a Korean drama.

Usually, I boost it by adding some vegetables and an egg. Sundubu, or extra soft tofu (순두부), was the one item I had never considered adding until I noticed it become popular on Korean social media.

What a fantastic concept! The dish is essentially a spicy ramyun (also spelt ramyeon) noodle soup with sundubu (also spelt soondubu) added

It's similar to having ramyun and sundubu jjigae (stew) in one plate.


It's also healthy since high-protein soft tofu takes the place of half the ramyun noodles.

According to the news media, exports of South Korean instant noodles increased nearly 30 percent in 2020 to a record high to $606 million.