The optical illusion'scares' viewers who focus on the centre'red dot' for 10 seconds.

Some manipulate vision, while others test IQ. Previous mind-bending images might predict your personality based on the animal you saw.

We have a head-spinning brainteaser for those with patience. TikTok user @Jayancl posted a minute-long video with instructions.

Look for the buffalo after staring at the red dot for a few seconds. Easy, right? Some viewers couldn't see the "magic" in the photo.

Although some were "scared" by the results.In the footage, the person asks viewers to follow the directions to see the "magic". They said: "Don't miss this—it'll work like magic. Better benefits come from longer centre focus."

As long as you focus on the red dot, the TikTok user claims you will watch objects move. Double tap the video and stare at the center without blinking to use it.

You're instructed to glance around for the image following the 10-second countdown.

The video received hundreds of likes and dozens of comments from stunned viewers. One said "Yes."Another said

It worked for you? Leave a comment below the story! Want more optical illusions? A cat was hidden in the living room, but only few could see it.